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What is chiropractic?

Much like a telephone system, the body's system of nerves has more than 300,000 nerve fibers
that pass through small openings between each vertebra of your backbone on their way to every
part and organ of your body.

The slightest misalignment of a vertebra can, by causing pressure, partially close these openings
and interfere with the normal nerve function, like a telephone line that is disconnected.
This condition IS called ptnched nerve. If this pressure is not corrected, serious problems
can result to the body or organ affected, causing disfunction, pain and disability.

Dear Patient:

Why suffer, if you could avoid it?
lt is not right, nor natural Regardless of age or condition, acute or chronic, if you suffer from.
• Headaches
• Dizzness Blurred Vision
• Nervousness
• Neck Stiffness
• Shoulder Pain
• Pain numbness and bngling in arms, hands, legs or feet
• Backache
• Painful Joints
• Radiating leg pain
• Scialica & Carpal Tunnel
• Extremlty pain, stress sleep disorders, fahgue, head aches I migraines mood swings / Irritability, digestive problems, allergies & sinus problems.

Chiropractic Treatment Physical Therapy

Relaxes muscle tension that misaligns the spine. Spinal vertebral adjustment a manipulation relieves pressure on the spine and nervous system to eliminate pain.
Thorough chiropractic exam includes medical history postural analysis, orthopedic examination
neurological testing, radiographic analysis.